Shango & Co is a modern furniture brand that heroes simple, thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship.

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All pieces are imagined, designed and handmade in our Hamilton workshop by our expert craftsman, founder and director, Shane Griffin. Shane’s talents spread far and wide, starting from humble beginnings as a boat builder in the Waikato. For over a decade, Shane developed and honed this craft before extending his repertoire into coach building and metal where he enjoyed continued success.

It was during his early boat building days that Shane grew an appreciation for the art of design. Through the pages of a sketchbook and over time, that appreciation grew into a dream. That dream was to create a unique, quality furniture brand that inspires and celebrates life and home. Shango & Co exists thanks to the love and ongoing support of Co-Directors; Ian Griffin, Erika Gillard and Yi-Chern Lee who have played an integral part in the creation and evolution of Shango & Co. With a shared vision, passion and a wealth of talent, their collective expertise completes the family.Together, we are Shango & Co.

Simple But Significant.